Element 1: Teachers know their subject content and how to teach that content to their students.

I have developed my own understanding of the six Key Learning Areas through both tertiary studies at The University of Sydney and successful practicum experiences at several schools, facilitating a wide range of learning experiences (Appendix 1.1). I have also produced a range of my own teaching resources , lesson plans and learning experiences that demonstrate direct links to the NSW syllabus prescribed subject content, that addressed clear learning outcomes in line with the Quality Teaching Document (NSW Institute of Teachers, 2003) (Appendix 1.2, 1.3). In my practicum teaching experiences I have shown the ability to use information and communication technology in the classroom (Appendix 1.4) with the use of interactive whiteboards, computers and the internet (Appendix 1.5).as well as aiding in the development of a class ‘moodle’ site for the Taronga Zoo Primary Schools Climate Change Initiative for Science Week 2008. During practerium teaching experiences and in university based assessments I have also displayed aptitude in using a variety of differing current pedagogical approaches to teaching to engage students in several Key learning Areas (Appendix 1.6, 1.7). 

I will further extend my knowledge of subject content by continuing my own professional development studies throughout my career as a teacher. I will also work to maintain professional relationships (Appendix 1.8) in order to broaden my awareness of current subject matter. I will also utilise these professional relationships to discover other ways to engage and motivate students and facilitate successful learning. I will also endeavor to increase my familiarity with MAC computer operating systems and software as I am currently more proficient in PC computers.

 I need to investigate the professional development options available to graduate teachers, including that in the area of up to date ICT skills in line with current DET policy (NSW DET, 2003) . I also need to actively pursue and maintain professional relationships with colleagues and fellow graduating teachers and gain expert opinion on how I can maintain the currency of my subject knowledge over time. 

I believe that a teacher’s content knowledge is not a static concept; it is a continual process of learning and development. I believe that my own knowledge of subject content needs to be constantly and actively reassessed and subsequently addressed with self-initiated professional development. I believe that I need to utilize both human and concrete resources to ensure that my knowledge is always up to date and has a broad and encompassing perspective on what to teach and how to deliver that information to students (McInerny & McInerny, 2006).